An intelligent platform that uses data from your school

By working in partnership with your school, we are directly connected to the institutional data of every student.

Lexya - Technology

Connected to your course plans

Automatic recommendations based on your academic progress

Based on every students’ course enrollment, Lexya will suggest a personalized list of all required books.

Lexya - Recommendations

A wide range of options

The most competitive prices on the market

Pretentious? Maybe, but why not!
We are able to reduce the price of textbooks for students because we negotiate our own agreements with different suppliers. Students can therefore make a judicious choice according to their needs and their budget.

Lexya - Buy a book

Benefits What makes us different?


Lexya does all the research work for you. Simply choose if you want your book new, used or an e-textbook. It’s that easy!


Buying on Lexya means having access to all the textbooks you need, easily. All your purchases can be done in one simple click, no matter where you are.


Because we are connected to your school database, we are the only ones who can offer you a personalized list of required course material. Isn’t it awesome?

Partnering up with your institution

The interface is personalized to your school identity. Thus, Lexya is offered free of charge to every student and in continuity with the current services that are actually at your disposal.


Lexya is making you save on your textbooks. Whether you buy them new, used or the E-textbook version, our mission is to let you keep more money in your pockets.

Ultra sexy

Professional, user-friendly and easy to use; FINALLY a modern platform designed specifically for students.

Added-value for yourschool

  • Offer a better service to your students
  • Improve the experience of the students members of your association
  • Provide a technological support promoting students success
  • Simplify internal management
  • Access to a Lexya administrator portal to get an overview of the market
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Added-value forstudents

  • Centralizing all the services
  • Free of charge and no additional commissions on used textbooks
  • Quick and direct access to mandatory course material
  • The lowest prices on the market at your disposal
  • Home delivery for new textbooks

They trust us


You're a publisher, a distributor, or a company working in the school industry and you would like to contribute to our movement?

Contact us at and we will be more than happy to discuss with you.

The team

For students, by students

Frustrated about our past experiences of buying textbooks, we decided to create our own solution. Our mission is simple: facilitate the access to textbooks and reduce students bills by offering a technological solution that is simple, unique and budget-friendly.

Lexya - the team

‘’I firmly believe that Lexya will have a great impact on consumer habits. The publishing and book industry is ready to make a technological switch and I think we will help speed up the process.’’

-Marc-Antoine Paquet, Co-Founder

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