Fizz Referral Code: Everything You Need to Know
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Fizz Referral Code: Everything You Need to Know

Ohhhhhh the Internet! It has now become an essential part of our lives, but let me tell you something: it is expensive. I would never turn down free money and free data!

  • Raphaëlle


  • 29 June 2023
  • 2 min
Fizz Referral Code: Everything You Need to Know

As a shopaholic, I’m over the moon whenever I find a promo code for an online purchase I’m about to make. What about you (shopping addict orrrrr not)?

When I was still in uni, Lexya student discounts literally brought me so much joy and the Fizz referral code was no exception! Such a game changer.

What is Fizz?

Fizz is a new kind of mobile and Internet provider that fights against the expensive plans we are used to:

  • You can change your plan every month; only pay for what you really need. 🎯
  • You don’t lose your unused mobile data. They are automatically transferred to the following month (yes!!!!). 🏄🏻‍♂️
  • My Rewards program allows you to win gifts to enhance your plan. 🍭 
  • Using a referral code gets you a bonus ($$) + with the besssst code, you even get free mobile data. 🌟 

Best Fizz referral code of 2023: LXFZZ

  • Mobile offer (25$ + 5 GB of mobile data)

    Five gifts of 1 GB will automatically be deposited to your account within 60 days of your subscription. You activate them whenever you want, but (!!!) don't wait too long, they do have an expiration date.

    +++ Your $25 bonus will be automatically unlocked after your second month of service and will be applied to your third monthly payment.
  • Internet offer (25$)

    The referral bonus will automatically be applied to your monthly plan payment once you have accumulated two months of service.

    Pssst, you will also receive the five gifts of 1 GB each, if you decide to activate a mobile plan. How fun!

How, when and where to use your referral code? (in 2 easy steps)

1. Choose your Fizz mobile or Internet plan.

If you choose a mobile plan, you can either order your SIM card online or buy it at a Couche-Tard near you.

2. Enter your reference code at the indicated step in the subscription process for your first Fizz plan.

If you choose a mobile plan, you can enter your Fizz reference code while ordering your SIM card. When activating it, you can confirm your reference code, or simply add it if you bought your SIM card from a Couche-Tard.

Pssst, don't forget to use your referral code when subscribing to your first Fizz plan. Otherwise it will be too late (!!!) It is impossible to use a referral code retroactively.

Enjoy you free data and your cheap plan!

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