The 15 Best Coffee Shops for Studying in Quebec City in 2024
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The 15 Best Coffee Shops for Studying in Quebec City in 2024

The daily grind of sleep-work-school can get monotonous, and sometimes a change of scenery does wonders. For students in and around Québec City, here are our top café picks for studying!

  • Camille D.

    Camille D.

  • 14 March 2023
  • 3 min
The 15 Best Coffee Shops for Studying in Quebec City in 2024

Québec and Its Student Cafés

If you're new to the city or looking for cozy spots to study, read, or work on assignments, we’ve got you covered with our favorite addresses! Without further ado, here are our top study cafés in Québec City.


Top 15 Student Coffee Shops in Quebec City for Studying in 2024

1. Nektar Torréfacteur: @nektartorrefacteur

  • Menu favorite: Medium Cappuccino, Cold Brew for warm days
  • 📍Addresses: Limoilou 1001 3e Avenue, Lévis 1810 Rte des Rivières #304, St-Roch 235, rue Saint-Joseph Est
  • ✌🏼Mood: Enjoying great coffee, productive study sessions.

We hold a special place in our hearts for Nektar, both for its coffee and its cafés. Whether you're in Limoilou or Lévis, we highly recommend visiting their spaces.

2. Le Maelström: @maelstromsaintroch

  • Menu favorite: Cortado, Cold Brew, and the food is WOW (!!)
  • 📍Address181 Rue Saint-Vallier E, Québec, QC G1K 3P2
  • ✌🏼Mood: Coffee, chats, drinks with friends. (even suitable for a date)

Le Maelström is a favorite of J-M, one of Lexya's founders. He describes it as the perfect spot for solo work sessions, team meetings, or casual coffee/lunch with friends. The staff is super cool, and you can enjoy both coffee and a beer or drink - something for everyone

3. Sibéria Café: @siberiacafe

  • Menu favorite: Cortado and all the grilled-cheese
  • 📍Address: 339 Rue de Genève, Québec, QC G2M 0A2
  • ✌🏼Mood: Very relaxed, ideal for long study sessions, coffee with friends.

The tranquility of Sibéria Café makes it a top choice for a change of routine. It’s a peaceful spot that has become a favorite of our team.

4. Kogi Café: @lekogicafe

  • Menu favoriteOat milk Latte, Espresso 
  • 📍Address: 1104 18e Rue, Québec, QC G1J 1Z1
  • ✌🏼Mood: Séance d'étude solo, café pour emporter.

Kogi Café, a charming little spot opened during the pandemic by a highly motivated young couple, is a treasure in Limoilou. It’s a unique café and boutique offering coffee beans, natural wine, and excellent coffee.

5. Café Maison Smith: @smithcafeco

  • Menu favorite: Americano Glacé & galettes d'énergie
  • 📍Addresses: 8 addresses in total, our favourites include: Belvédère, 3E Avenue & Ch. Saint-Louis
  • ✌🏼Mood: A break from typical student cafés, great for a snack during study sessions.

Maison Smith offers a variety of spaces suitable for studying, with options for both larger group tables and more intimate seating.

6. Le Philtre Café: @philtre_cafe

  • ☕ Menu favorite: The best hot chocolate in town (!!!)
  • 📍Address: 504 rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, Québec / G1N 0C2
  • ✌🏼Mood: Productive work sessions, small team collaborations.

Le Philtre, a trendy café in the vibrant Saint-Sauveur neighborhood, is known for its ecological values and third-wave coffee credentials. Be sure to check their schedule as they’re open during the day and closed on Monday.

7. Le Café Saint-Henri: @cafesainthenri

  • Menu favorite: Cappuccino & fresh artisanal donuts
  • 📍Address: 849 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, QC G1K 3C8
  • ✌🏼Mood: Chats with friends, listening to lectures, writing sessions.

Café Saint-Henri stands out for its commitment to fair and ethical trade. It’s an ideal place to relax with friends or focus on assignments, offering a variety of alternative milk options and delicious fresh donuts.

8. Le Stockholm Café:

  • ☕ Menu Favorite: Café Latte (choose your milk preference!)
  • 📍Address: 2138 Ch Ste-Foy, Québec, QC G1V 1R8
  • ✌🏼MoodLong study sessions, team work for 3-4 people.

With great coffee and a very friendly team, Stockholm Café has become the quintessential student café in the city of Sainte-Foy. If you want to have a long study session without feeling judged for not consuming more, Stockholm could become your go-to place. Being just a few steps from the university and CEGEPs, it's also a good choice if you don't have a car.

Note: The café has become super popular among students, and many get up early to reserve their spot. If you want to settle in, choose your time of day wisely!

9. Musette: @musettecc_ca

  • ☕ Menu Favorite: Oat Latte + All Sandwiches
  • 📍Address151 Grande Allée E, Québec, QC G1R 0E7
  • ✌🏼Mood: Solo study session or with a friend

Café, bike, drinks... Musette is much more than just a bike shop, it's a lifestyle! Although Musette is primarily a destination for cyclists, everyone is welcome. Opened since fall 2023, Musette is your next little city café to discover. Located on Grande Allée, just steps from the Plains of Abraham, it's the perfect place to combine a study session with a little nature walk.

Note: during the summer, there are groups of more than 50 people who gather in the evenings and on weekends to start their road bike outings. This can create quite a bit of traffic at the café for a while, but it never lasts very long (and it's really cool to watch)!

10. Le Café Apollo: @cafe_apollo_

  • ☕ Menu Favorite: Cappuccino & Cortado (totally delicious!)
  • 📍Address: 10013 Ave Royale, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Quebec G0A 3C0
  • ✌🏼Mood: Chatting with friends, solo study, writing, reading, etc.

Located a bit farther than the other cafés mentioned in this list, Café Apollo is still worth the detour to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. First, the team is super cool, and the café's ambiance is magnificent. Plus, you can take a stroll along the river on the brand new Quai De La Paix. Seriously, if you're looking for a "mini-study getaway" with a friend, we really recommend it!

11. St-Suave Café Librairie:

  • ☕ Menu Favorite: Mocha with plant-based milk, vegan brioche
  • 📍Address: 440 Bd Charest O, Québec, QC G1K 0H5
  • ✌🏼Mood: Quiet reading, concentration, brightness.

This little café-library in the Saint-Sauveur neighborhood is Camille's favorite address. It’s calm, bright, and additionally, there's a large selection of books for sale. It’s the perfect blend of study, literature, and love for coffee. For Camille, it’s one of her favorite places for the ambiance, the openness of the people, the large room, but also for the quietness that prevails despite the crowd. People understand the reading principle of the place. If you’re looking for the perfect café to concentrate, this is where you should go!

12. L’Appart AntiCafé Lévis:

  • Menu Favorite: EVERYTHING.
  • 📍Address: 123 Côte du Passage, Lévis, QC G6V 5S8
  • ✌🏼Mood: Teamwork, group meetings, private office.

L’Appart AntiCafé Lévis is a perfect mix between a café-bistro and a co-working space. It’s the ideal place for team projects or group meetings. The concept is that you pay for the time you spend in their space. The rest, including drinks and pastries, is included in the price. The reading nooks and the ambiance will surely convince you to stay for a long time!

For students, the hourly rate is $6. You also have the option to rent a private office if you wish for more tranquility and to be fully in your bubble.

13. Café Morgane 

  • ☕ Menu Favorite: Iced Cappuccino
  • 📍Addresses: 3 adresses à Québec. Notre préférée : Du Marais
  • ✌🏼Mood: Studying with friends (2-3 people), solo study.

Having made its mark in several cities like Trois-Rivières, Shawinigan, Repentigny, and Drummondville, Café Morgane is gradually finding its place in the café ecosystem of Québec City with its three branches. Being a bit removed from university and college campuses, you can probably find a calmer atmosphere here than in some of the addresses mentioned above​​.


Takeaway, Please:

If it were up to us, we could talk about coffee shops to visit for a long time, but that would be endless... Here are two "to-go" addresses that we really wanted to share because they are our favorites:

14. Le Mayflower 

Mayflower is very close to the ULaval Campus, perfect for grabbing a quality coffee between classes (and when we say quality coffee, we're not joking).

15. Café Olive 

Located on Cartier Street, the tiny Café Olive is THE place to taste one of the best coffees you will have. Sami, the owner, is a great guy who will make your experience even cooler. (P.S. Don't be in a hurry. At Café Olive, we prioritize quality over quantity, and it's possible that your espresso shot is redone 4 or 5 times before being served. However, if you're a coffee fan, you'll be more than satisfied!)​


A Study Playlist with Your Coffee?

We hope these suggestions will help you find your new favorite addresses for doing your work. To accompany your next study sessions, here's the link to access our Spotify profile where you can find PERFECT playlists regardless of your music style.

To go with the coffee shop vibe, here's one of our playlists that you'll love​​.

Listen to Our Coffee Please Study Playlist on Spotify

Coffee Cheers (!!)​

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