About us

What is Lexya ?

Lexya is a young startup with a mission to find ways to make students save time and money. Their purpose is to remodel the textbook market by creating an online-first solution for students to purchase their textbooks in all forms: second hand, new or eBook. The coolest thing: when connected to Lexya, you can easily buy books, but also sell your old ones.

Why opt for Lexya rater than your university’s bookstore

Lexya offers a 100% online experience, which is quick and effective but also simpler to use. That way, you avoid the endless wait line at the beginning of the school year (fun).

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How to Create an Account

First thing first, find your University between our partner institutions. Then, create your account by filling your personal information. Lastly, confirm your inscription with your institution email address.

How to Sign In to your Lexya profil?

You can connect to the platform with your personal email and the password chosen when you created your account. ( see explanations above )

Click here to Sign In.

What are the student’s exclusive discounts?

As said, our mission is to make students save time and money. If you’d like to benefit from special offers in local businesses, follow this link : www.lexya.co/rabais.


How to purchase textbooks on Lexya ?

When purchasing on Lexya, our goal is to present to you all the different versions of textbooks you can have. That being said, you can choose between an inventory of second hand, certified used, new or digital books. For the purchase of new, digital or certified books, it’s all the same: add the manual to your cart, and complete the following steps for the payment. Your order will then be posted as soon as possible !

How to purchase a second hand textbook ?

Second handed textbooks are manually transaction between the two students: the seller and the buyer. You’ll get a notification from us by email (and text) with the contact information of the buyer when he will reserve your textbook, but the payment and exchange is on your end. Lexya is not responsible for this type of transaction.

What is a Certified Used textbook ?

A certified used textbook is basically a second hand book, but in a greater condition. The textbook is also verified by a team member.  The crème de la crème of second hand books. The transaction as much as the payment is done online. 


Perhaps, because certified books have been used, there’s a possibility that the code for the online access is not available anymore. No reason to stress, if you really need it, you can always buy the online access directly from the publisher.. 

How to purchase digital books ?

Digital books are 100% online manuals, usable on your computer or your Ipad. To purchase, just add it to your cart and complete the following steps to your order. 

All the relative instructions to the activation of your digital book will be provided to you by email 24 to 72h after placing the order.


I have second hand textbooks for sale, how does it work ?

To put up a book for sale, you have to subscribe to Lexya first. Then, look up to the Sell a book button on the left side of the main page and search for your book with the ISBN or the title. 


If you can’t find the book you’d like to sell, click on Report a missing book. You could then send us a message with all the information of your book and we’ll work on making it available on the platform !

Does Lexya take profits on my sales ?

No ! There is absolutely no profit taking on the sale of your books. It goes all in your pocket ! 

Will I get notified if a student is interested in my sale ?

Yes, when another student will be interested in your sale you will receive an email (and text) with all of their contact information. You’ll then be able to make an agreement with them to proceed with the exchange.

If I have books to donate, are you accepting them ?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept donations at our warehouse, but we have writting on our blog, the perfect article to answer your question ! (french only)

What if my buyer is in another city ?

In fact, it is possible that the student interested in your book is not from the same city as you. No worries, you can sell it, but as it was said above, the sale is all on you. You’ll have to find an agreement with your buyer on how to proceed to the payment and the shipping. 

Is it possible to sell my old books even if I am not a student anymore ?

Absolutely ! If you still have access to your institution email, you’ll be able to Sign In to the platform and sell all of your books !


How much does shipping cost ?

Order < 50$ → 6$ Shipping fee

Order ⩾ 50$ et < 95$ → 9$ Shipping fee

Order ⩾ 95$ → Free shipping

Pick up → Free

Express shipping → 15$ Shipping fee

Priority shipping → 25$ Shipping fee


How long does shipping take ?

We know how excited you are to start your readings. That’s why all of our team works hard to proceed and ship your order in the least amount of time possible. All of our delivery is done by Purolator. In general, we have a of 3 to 6 days delay for your order to arrive at your address.

Is there a way I can track my order ?

As soon as your order is being processed by the team, you’ll receive a confirmation by email, as well as a tracking number on your order. 

What if my order is marked as delivered but I haven’t received it ?

Nobody’s perfect. We know it’s frustrating, but we recommend you to first contact Purolator about the situation. If they can’t help, it will be our pleasure to help you find a solution. 

Returns and Refunds

How can I return a product ?

If you realize that you made a mistake in your order, or if you regret your purchase after a few days, there's no need to stress! Simply send us an email at [email protected] within 15 days from the original date of purchase. 

What are the return fees?

You can bring your books to our warehouse for free. Our address is: 33-1375 Frank-Carrel Street, G1N 2E7, Quebec City.

Alternatively, you can also fill out your return form and send back your order or book by mail. Please note that a fee of $10 will be deducted from your refund if you choose this return method.

What is the refund policy?

You can make a return within 15 days from the delivery date of your order. Please ensure that your books are in their original condition. For example, they should show no signs of wear and tear, and the digital code should not have been used.

When you make a return on your order, you have two options. Firstly, you can bring your books to our warehouse for free. Alternatively, you can also fill out your return form and send back your order or book by mail. Please note that a fee of $10 will be deducted from your refund if you choose this return method.

For returns in person, our address is: 33-1375 Frank-Carrel Street, G1N 2E7, Quebec City.

What are our refund timeframes?

The refund will be issued once your package has arrived at the warehouse. This process can take 7 to 10 business days.

You will receive an email to inform you that the refund has been processed. Please note that financial institutions may sometimes require additional time to process the transaction and display it on your account. Therefore, it's possible that the credit will only appear on your account on the next billing cycle following your refund date.

What if I received the wrong order ?

In this case, we’re really sorry for the mistake. Contact us as quickly as possible at [email protected] about the situation and we’ll work on a way to ship you the right book ASAP ! Don’t worry, you wonthave any other charges since it’s all our fault. 

What if I canceled my class before receiving my books ?

In this case, you have 30 days after receiving your order to ship it back to us and fulfill the return form. In order for your return to be accepted, make sure it is in indeniable condition and, if applicable, make sure that the online access code is not used. Otherwise, we won’t refund it. 


Any other questions ?

If you have any other questions, send us an email to [email protected]

What are the open hours and address of Lexya?

For shopping on our platform, there’s no right hour to do it. We know college students tend to live at night. Perhaps, if you plan on picking up your order at our place, be aware that we are open from Monday to Thursday, from 8H30 to 16H30, and from 8H30 to 13H00 on Friday.

Here's our address: 1375 Rue Frank-Carrel Bureau 33, Québec, QC G1N 2E7.