6 Creative Galentine's Day ideas
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6 Creative Galentine's Day ideas

We all already know what Valentine's Day is, and we all know that couples are celebrated on this iconic day of love. Let me tell you about activities to do to celebrate love among friends!

  • Camille D.

    Camille D.

  • 6 February 2024
  • 2 min
6 Creative Galentine's Day ideas

Valentine's Day is cute for some and heart-wrenching for others. Although there is no specific day to celebrate love among couples, friends, or family - the people dear to your heart - being able to choose a day to come together and celebrate love for our loved ones is always a yes. Especially when we can make it aesthetic - welcome to 2024.

That said, we could have suggested outing ideas for couples, but we preferred to focus our thoughts on the single kings and queens among you.


What is Galentine’s Day?

Essentiellement, ce n’est rien de bien différent de la Saint-Valentin... je ne ferai pas ici une mise en récit capitaliste complète de ce qu’est la Saint-Valentin, on va plutôt s’en tenir à une narration romancée d’une journée accordé à l’amour entre amis - initialement entre Gals -. Peu importe qui tu es, le but c’est de se célébrer en amour avec un grand A. Au menu: du rose, des cœurs, des boucles absolument partout, bref tout ce qui peut être cliché et surtout, de l’affection.

Essentially, it's not much different from Valentine's Day. I won't provide a complete capitalist narrative of what Valentine's Day is here; instead, let's stick to a romanticized story of a day dedicated to love among friends - originally among 'Gals'. Regardless of who you are, the goal is to celebrate each other with love (capital L). On the menu: pink, hearts, bows absolutely everywhere, in short, everything that can be cliché, but with utmost affection.


1. Sip and paint

Inspiration atelier vino-pinceaux

Imagine a moment where you and your friends, with a brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, let your creativity flow. Amidst laughter and sips of wine, you might discover that you're the reincarnation of Van Gogh. Let art (and wine) transport you!


2. Wine tasting at home

Inspiration wine tasting à la maison

The idea? Each person brings a bottle of wine, incognito mode. Taste, rate, and may the best one win! It's the perfect excuse to discover new wines and share a sweet moment together.


3. Scrapbooking

Inspiration soirée scrapbooking

Bringing back old memories! Get your photos and scissors, and let your inner artist speak to reminisce about the good times of the past year (and start dreaming about the next ones already!). While you're at it, create a mood board of your aspirations for this year. Vision and ambition, a stunning duo if you ask me!


4. Movies + Sleepover

Inspiration sleepover and movie night

Rien de mieux qu'une soirée pyjama avec tes besties, des films à n'en plus finir, *beaucoup* de snacks et un coin méga cosy aménagé dans ton salon. C'est vraiment l'occasion rêvée pour se chouchouter, avec des soins pour le visage et peut-être même quelques confidences entre copin·es!


5. Eros and Company home party

Inspiration Eros et Compagnie sex toy demo

Yeayeah, you read that right. Eros and Company offers a free experience for your sex toy event! From the privacy of your living room, there are no taboos; lots of laughter, and guaranteed discoveries. Gather your friends and spend the evening chatting with an advisor.

Who said Galentine's Day couldn't be spicy?


6. Jewelry making

Dive into a jewelry-making evening! With a few beads and charms, create a piece of jewelry that represents you. It's fun, creative, and you'll leave with a unique souvenir from this evening with your besties.


For the love of...

Personally, my mid-February is likely to be all about books and routine. However, I could still decorate it with little cinnamon heart-shaped candies or even paint little hearts on my nails, all in the company of my cat. After all, nail polish, claw trimming, hair mask, and grooming, what could be better for a sweet and love-filled evening?


See ya!



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